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colour contexts

colour contexts コンテキスト is a book about colour research and consists of three parts: the first part is an invitation to understand my passion: while reading, you will get an insight on how the act of ordering can be used as a tool for design. The second part, a leporello, is an invitation to see what I see: it contains a series of photographs taken during an artistic research stay in Japan. All photos are taken from specific contexts with the intention to capture appealing and harmonious colour compositions. Within my Master, I developed a method to extract colours from these photos and demonstrate how my method can be used to process the information from the photos to new, context-inspired designs. The third part are coloured building blocks that have been extracted from the photos presented in the second part. With these blocks you can experience my method with your own hands. Match the coloured blocks to the stories or discover new patterns and compositions – get inspired. Use them as tool to design and create or just let them be blocks, it is up to you.

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